Thank you for publishing such a wonderful magazine. It is worth twice the price. The projects are all top notch. I don’t do “cute” painting or whimsical so I have not purchased other online magazines. Your magazine is wonderful and offers challenging projects that teach me something. Thanks again and congratulations on your first issue!

Online Painting Magazine I just got done looking through this new magazine. I think the projects are just absolutely wonderful. Lots of great things for such a small price. At $7.50 an issue, this cannot be beat. Thank you Nilda Rosa Rodriguez Cda and all teachers who have contributed to this online magazine. It’s fantastic!!!! So glad I signed up.

Love the amount of details that are included for each item! Congratulations on the inaugural issue!

Super impressed with this new publication! What a value it would be even for one issue! Even without the videos! I’m blown away…can’t even decide what to start with; everything is so beautifully displayed and detailed. Thank you to all involved for this marvelous opportunity!

WOW, Nilda! Just quickly went through this first issue and I’m VERY glad I subscribed. The quality of projects is superior and I can’t wait to paint some of these myself! Keep it up my friend!! Congratulations on the launch, I’m sure this will be around a long time and I look forward to the journey.

It is a wonderful issue, thank you everyone who put it together, do all designers. What fun!

OMGoodness! This issue is great!

This issue of the magazine was great! And what a wonderful design by Peggy Harris on the cover!

Love the magazine, great job!

Please have a look at this new online painting magazine.

It’s a wonderful first issue. . .thanks for the quality of projects offered. I knew I’d love it since I’ve been so satisfied with my online CPC membership . . .it’s my 3rd session there.

Hi Nilda, quick note to reiterate my enjoyment of your magazine and simple suggestion. Besides the quality of the projects I’m most impressed that these are not cutsie whimsical pieces. There’s a plethora of those already. It’s so nice to see more traditional work.

I got mine and the issue is filled with beautiful tutorials.

The magazine is lovely.

LOVE LOVE LOVE your first issue!!!!!

I just saw the magazine!  It’s great!  I love how we can still get the video classes as well as the magazine!  I’m so excited!  Thanks for all your hard work putting this together!

Great magazine. I think you have a winner here, Nilda

I am so glad I joined.

Beautiful! I really did enjoy the premier issue of the ezine.

I just love this!!!! I was watching the videos and was mesmerized

The online magazine is fabulous Nilda. Good job.

Finally got to see the magazine tonight (our server has been down 24 hrs). I am so excited. Don’t know which one to start on for this month and Nilda Rosa Rodriguez Cda is already teasing us with the next issue! You did GOOD girl!!

I am thrilled with the projects. I am so psyched!

Projects are great

It is wonderful!

Loving it!

Thank you Nilda, love your professionalism!

It’s very easy to use. I’m not very good at computers and I could even do it from my iPad!

Love, love, love the magazine. Can’t wait to start on the “Mysterious Garden”

Thank you so much for the beautiful on line magazine.  I just love it!

Beautiful — If you have not signed on for this magazine, It is wonderful, the instructions are very detailed and several have videos to go with them. So get busy and get your subscription!

Looking forward to the Online Painting mag!

I have seen the magazine and I enjoied it very much

enjoying the first issue

I’m loving this…on my second project.

I’m enjoying looking at the first issue and watching some videos.

nice to be here and can’t wait to start a couple of projects from the 1st issue

Love the first issue of our new magazine.

Love the first issue❤️ Can’t wait to work on some of the pieces!!!

Love the online magazine…well done.

Love the magazine, has some very nice projects.

I love the new magazine!

Me encanto este primer numero de la revista, estoy segura que los proximos seran aun mejores.

On a roll…project number two from our wonderful new magazine!

Loved the first issue, and so excited to be part of this group!

Great magazine Nilda.

I love the new online magazine?

I am going to love this !

Thanks nilda. The magazine is fascinating…cannot wait to see what is in the next issue.

Thank you, the magazine is wonderful.

It is truly a beautiful publication. I am so glad I subscribe!

This is a fantabulous online magazine. Great work everyone.

Best magazine ever!

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